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Another through-hole keyboard project published by mohoyt: the 40% litle.
Published November 16, 2022
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Litl is an easy to build 40% keyboard using only through-hole components.

Just like its big brother, the Lagom, it uses a separate daughterboard for microcontrollers with Pro Micro footprint.


  • Only through hole components for easy soldering
  • Supports Pro Micro, Elite C, Nice!Nano or equivalent development boadrds with compatible footprint. (So micro USB, USB-C or Bluetooth are all options!)
  • 1 or 2 rotary encoders
  • OLED screen (though only 1 rotary encoder is possible if using OLED)
  • Multiple layout options including split space (2.25u + 1u + 2.75u), split left shift (1.25u + 1u), split enter (1u + 1.25u) and stepped capslock
  • Open and visible components (in the style of Plaid, Romac etc.)
  • Simple and flexible case options


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Published on Wed 16th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #103 (source).



Ottimo's Salisbury is a nice 35% keyboard with symmetric layout. Built by wayduh.

TB42: low profile wireless 40%

The Tiny Blue 42 (TB42) is a low-profile, Bluetooth, 40% mechanical keyboard by FauxLearningMachine running ZMK.


Protieus(z) published his Smile36, a cute sub-40% keyboard with an encoder and Grin layout.


Infernum is a sub-40% keyboard with Katana layout – designed by Hai_Zeus.

Little Foot keyboard

Little Foot – a 45% ortholinear keyboard designed by The-Royal and built by wayduh.


An about 10 cm wide 40% keyboard by juskim: tinyKeys with Gerbers.