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Lolcatz's Blank Slate

u/Lolcatz52 designed and printed an ergo split to fit his own fingers.
Published April 14, 2022
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Daily handwired project: Lolcatz52's Blank Slate, a wireless ergo split.

This is a handwired 36 key split, with a column stagger that fits my own fingers pretty much perfectly. 20g gChoc switches, using 2 nice!nano v2's and ZMK with a 2500mAh battery (went a little overkill there lol) – Lolcatz52.

In addition, the case has magnets (6x1mm neodymium magnets) so it's easier to carry around, and it also has rubber feet to sit nicely without moving on the desk.

u/Lolcatz52 designed and 3D printed the case and plate himself, STL files are available here:

It's got a bit of a learning curve due to keys being choc spaced instead of MX spaced like I'm used to, and less keys so I have to learn new layers for everything, and I'm also learning the colemak q;ix layout at the same time, so its a lot, but not too bad so far.

More photos:

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Published on Thu 14th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #74 (source).


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