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Lörtsy is a monoblock split Atreus-derivative by Cedutus.
Published February 21, 2023
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Some boards shared by Cedutus tend to have a common and distinctive style, so after spotting the borderline explicit stickers on the Lörtsy, his Lihis from previous year came immediately to my mind.

Anyway, after the ortholinear Kebu and the split ortho Lihis, Lörtsy is a columnarly staggered monoblock split, seemingly following in the footsteps of Technomancy's now classic Atreus – only with an intimidating number of keys, including a number and function row.

This 75% beast of a board sports a Blackpill controller, and has two layout options: 2u or 1u thumb keys on either side.

I posted a build of this board a bit ago, but i finally got the 3D printed case from JLC pcb. It's great, bought it as a one piece, and it has no warping issues, and the print quality is great – Cedutus.

By the way, with his naming pattern the author continues to introduce various Finnish foods to us. Lörtsy is a half-moon shaped pastry with savory meat or sweet apple filling.


  • 74-76 keys
  • MX, hotswap
  • Black pill controller( F401 or F411)
  • Box Whites
  • KAT cyberspace keycaps
  • FR4 plate with stickers


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Published on Tue 21st Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #114 (source).


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