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Low-profile 5x12 ortho

A low-profile 5x12 ortho for travelling by TecHno-Guy.
Published May 14, 2021
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TecHno-Guy wanted a low-profile 5x12 ortho for traveling with his laptop. He couldn't find a PCB for Kailh Choc switches, so he went with handwiring. Also, he decided to go for a clear base to show off his work.

The result is this custom handwired 5x12 ortholinear keyboard with a 3D printed plate and main case, and an acrylic bottom.

Switches: Kailh Choc Dark Yellow, lubed with Tribosys 3203

Since the keyboard is approximately the same size as a Nintendo Switch, the author is planning to buy a sleeve to give it a bit of protection in a backpack.

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Published on Fri 14th May 2021. Featured in KBD #26 (source).



Ikeji's Pittheus is a foldable monoblock keyboard with a clever hinge mechanism.

Framework rev. 1 prototype

The Framework rev. 1 prototype is an all-THM ortho with Atmega328P (repo) by 7c8.


Telzo2000's cool640, this ortho macropad/split supports controllers with both Pro Micro and Pico footprint.

Armachat TOUCH

Not a classic keyboard, not a classic cyberdeck: Armachat TOUCH by bobricius.


The Gherkin++ is u/bgkendall's approach to augment the classic 3x10 layout.

1800-ish wooden ortho

An 1800-style ortho board by u/MetaWhirledPeas, hand made from a solid piece of poplar from Home Depot.