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The LumberElite is a custom Lumberjack PCB by u/tj_shex modified to accommodate an Elite-C and OLED screen.
Published February 27, 2022

This open-source PCB is a modification of Paul James' Lumberjack.

I wanted to make a somewhat custom keyboard so I modified the PCB to accept the Elite-C and OLED – as well as a general retrace in places to experiment with KiCad – tj_shex.

The author also designed a stacked acrylic case in Fusion 360.

Check this Github repo with KiCad source files and case DXFs.

Published on Sun 27th Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #67 (source).

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LCK75 open sourced

The LCK75, a 75% through-hole keyboard by TheLysol_27, is now open sourced.


The RART45 is a unibody angled split by Alabahuy with Atmel328p and exposed through-hole components.

Axon, a 40% through-hole keyboard

The Axon is an open source 40% through-hole keyboard by Orobin.


Early prototype for the Avlo44 by jrp22.

Tripod-tented Torn

This nice through-hole split Torn build by bromanko (git) features mini tripods for tenting (gallery).


The ErgoMorph55 by _vastrox_ is a low profile monoblock keyboard.