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Luna keyboard

Luna is a 30-key open-source wireless split by Mindhatch – with splay.
Published December 22, 2022

Looking up the 30-key split Luna by Mindhatch, mentioned in Apsu's article written for the advent calendar, I found some other designs as well.

The Luna is not a new model. Released in early 2022 along with the Artemis, Minako and La Phantoma – ergo splits with splay and 30-34 keys – it must have flown under my radar since I only learned about it from Apsu (the one in the photo above is her Luna).


  • 30 keys
  • choc-spaced
  • soldered or hotswap
  • bluetooth-only
  • 1.5u thumb keys
  • column staggered
  • splayed ring and pinky columns (5° and 12.5°, respectively)
  • MCU footprint fits spring-loaded pin headers


Published on Thu 22nd Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #108.

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