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Lunakey project

The Lunakey project includes two open-source split keyboards and a macropad published by Yoichiro Tanaka.

Git repo with PCB and plate files:

The project includes the Lunakey Mini, Lunakey Pico and Lunakey Macro.

The Lunakey Mini is a 40% split keyboard with 44 keys (3 rows x 6 columns + 4-key thumb arch), column stagger, Pro Micro, underglow, OLED display and piezoelectric speaker (PKLCS1212E4001-R1).

The Lunakey Pico is a Raspberry Pi Pico version and the Lunakey Macro is an "ergo" macropad with 11 keys – columnarly staggered and with thumb keys.

Published on Sat 2nd Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #46 (source).


The naked split strikes back

The naked split ortho 40% by onebigdoor is back with fully addressable rgb backlighting (gallery). Still without plate, case and PCB.

Unikey KB-7001

A Unikey KB-7001 made by PC concepts found by DarthDangles25.



The choctopus44 by Routa Keebs. Prototype posted by badgers_are_rad.


A lucky postal worker

A lucky postal worker in an episode of How It’s Made. Spotted by Gorbitron1530.