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Lütt un Lütt

A cute split ortholinear keyboard by weteor: Lütt un Lütt.
Published February 28, 2023

The Lütt un Lütt is a small 3x5+2 split ortho, a full Bluetooth keyboard with support for an encoder and running from 2032 coin cells. The latest open-source project by weteor – after various keyboards like his 3w6, Tipper-TF, and SPC EVDR, Brk Out, Froggr, DigDug of the Orthocade family.


  • full BLE, powered by coin cells (CR2032)
  • low-profile choc v1, hotswap sockets
  • encoder
  • case files are supplied (stl, dxf, as well as the freecad files)
  • ZMK (with dongle support)

I am using a spare Xiao BLE as a dongle, so i can use both halves as peripherals to maximize on battery capacity – weteor.

As for the name, 'Lütt un Lütt' is from a northern German dialect called 'Plattdeutsch' and means "small and small" – which is something you can order in bars in Northern Germany, "getting you a small beer and a schnapps (normally Korn)".


Published on Tue 28th Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #115.

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