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Luxor ABC77

A 1984 Luxor ABC77 keyboard from the Swedish army posted by u/sadolf.
Published June 25, 2022

Luxor is an old Swedish brand, and a sticker on the case reads "Defense department's computer center".

A massive keyboard with a thick metal case and a wrist rest made of wood.

The owner of this beast, sadolf, originally posted his find on r/mk about three weeks ago and he got back to me recently with some photos.

In the original post he wrote:

It's HEAVY, at least two kilos. All metal, even the keycaps, which are unpullable. Gonna have to perform some surgery when i get home, to get at the innards – sadolf.

As you will see, the owner managed to disassemble the board and pull off the caps eventually.

The PCB was manufactured by Key Tronic, and the caps are doubleshot – according to sadolf, with a "metallic lacquer-paint" coating.

Based on the stem and the PCB, the switches look foam and foil, similar to my 1981 Kontron PSI 80 – another Key Tronic PCB.


Indeed, after some research, they look like unbranded Key Tronic foam and foil switches, just like on Key Tronic Model F clones manufactured for different brands, e.g. Columbia Data Products.

Finally, check out the full gallery with much more photos here:

Published on Sat 25th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #84 (source).

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