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MBK Convex on the way

MBK Convex and MBK POM keycaps are on the way to vendors.
Published December 1, 2022
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Ouch. Stephen sent me this photo of a Mini-van Choc board almost two weeks ago. I forgot to post it somehow even though I asked for a larger image. I blame it on the giveaway and the advent calendar. :D

The plate in the photo is open-sourced but that isn't the point.

The main thing is: the board features MBK Convex and MCC keycaps (it would work equally well with MBK replacing MCC) which, after the announcement earlier this year, are now on their way to your favorite shops.

MBK Convex and MBK POM keycaps are now on the way to vendors – Stephen Cheng.

Anyway, I still can't see these caps listed by my go-to stores so this is hopefully still news. Maybe not. :D

(This board was designed to use the Chocovan case, but you can make a super small and slim keyboard if you also make a new case.)

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Published on Thu 1st Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #105.


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