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MBK Legend GB G-Board buyers sought

Buyers who ordered their MBK Legend caps from G-Boards haven't received their sets. Reach out to FKcaps if you are one of them.
Published July 23, 2022
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As Simon from Fkcaps reported, Jane (u/HardAsMagnets) who runs (used to run?) G-Boards can't be reached so buyers who ordered their MBK Legend caps at G-Boards haven't received their sets yet:

The MBK Legend GB has shipped and most people have received their orders except G-Boards buyers. Unfortunately we haven't heard back from Jane (u/HardAsMagnets) who runs (used to run?) G-Boards after shipping her order and it seems no one has heard from her recently either... – fkcaps.

Firstly, we all hope that Jane is okay.

Nevertheless, if you bought your MBK Legend (GB) from G-Boards, please contact FKcaps at mbkgb (at) asap!

Darryl, who runs in Canada, picked up the package and helps to arrange shipping options with the buyers, but there are still many to be found.

So the bottom line: MBK Legend GB G-Board buyers, who/where are you?

If you are or know one of them, please reach out asap!

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Published on Sat 23rd Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #88 (source).


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