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MJF printed manuform-esque ergo

Scaffolding style MJF printed manuform-esque ergo by phazerlock.
Published May 2, 2021

Inspired by the manuform, but implemented in openpyscad rather than closure. Sockets clip into the 3D printed housing but need to be held in with glue.

The two keys at the top of the thumb cluster are a reach, so the owner only uses them for macros. All the others are perfectly comfortable. Their placement was tweaked over about 4 iterations.

Features: MJF printed manuform-esque ergo. Larger through-hole nrf51822 a la mitosis. Kailh hotswap sockets for endgame compatibility.

Each half was $107 from 3dhubs.

Published on Sun 2nd May 2021. Featured in KBD #24 (source).

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Custom Kyria

A Kyria built by _GEIST_ with trackpoint, haptic feedback and custom plates.

Barobord PCB

The barobord repo keeps growing: PCB for MX and Choc switches, cases, etc. - by sadekbaroudi.

Anna keyboard

Anna is a wireless 40-key ortholinear split keyboard PCB open-sourced by Karl Grasegger.

Blawb's ZMK Atreus

A ZMK Atreus by u/blawb with resin keycaps.


The Sweeeeep is Sadek Baroudi's take on the Sweep – with per-key LEDs, OLED and Elite-C as controller.

Unnamed monoblock

An unnamed monoblock split keyboard by UmmUhhhShit.