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MNT Reform keyboard

The MNT Reform is an open-hardware, open-source keyboard by MNT Research GmbH.
Published December 31, 2021
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Designed by Lukas F. Hartmann and Ana Dantas of MNT Research GmbH., the MNT Reform comes with a quite uncommon but reasonable staggering, and low-profile switches and caps.

While the MNT Reform is offered as a pre-built product, it's also open-hardware – which is a very sympathetic business model.

Starting out as an offspring of the similarly open-hardware MNT Reform laptop, the standalone MNT Reform USB keyboard features low-profile Choc switches and MBK keycaps.

In addition, it sports a simplified horizontal staggering of 0.5u offset (just like my vintage Reuters trading keyboard), resulting in only two different keycap sizes: 1u and 1.5u.

This makes the layout symmetric and the level of ulnar deviation the same for both hands.

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Published on Fri 31st Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #59 (source).


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