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MRIYA is a Corne-derivative optimized for wireless – shared by themaxbang.
Published April 27, 2023
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Max Yakovlev aka themaxbang shared his 42-key split MRIYA, derived from foostan's Corne Cherry v.3.0.1.

Teased earlier under a different name, I love the idea that Max, while living in Russia, chose a Ukrainian name (meaning dream) for his design.


  • Hotswap MX
  • Design optimized for wireless
  • Updated thumb cluster (inspired by jian)
  • Reset buttons
  • Native nice!view support
  • Updated pinky stagger
  • No LEDs
  • QMK/ZMK support

Possible issues

  • Controllers (ProMicro from AliExpress) longer than 35mm will stick out from the cover.
  • Required thickness for the bottom FR4 plate at least 1.6mm because of construction specifics (only 4 mounting points)
  • Limited keycap compatibility (e.g. MT3 ortho sets) because of the 1.25u thumb keys


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Published on Thu 27th Apr 2023. Featured in KBD #121 (source).


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