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MT2 keycap profile

Drop announced a cylindrical Cherry/OEM clone called MT2.
Published April 8, 2022

On 6th April, announced MT2, their doubleshot Cherry alternative I guess.

Sorry for the image above which is probably a render and compares cylindrical apples with spherical oranges. In addition, I browsed through numerous posts in this thread but couldn't find many enthusiastic reactions.

Regardless, I thought I put this here for the sake of history.

So learning the crucial lesson from their 2-year long MT3 project, Drop concluded "making high quality doubleshot keycap tools (molds) is extremely difficult and time-consuming".

This time, to spare community members from the emotional roller coaster, they decided to do the new project behind closed doors.

We kicked the project off in early 2020 with some ambitious goals – Drop.


  • cylindrical profile keycap
  • meeting the "industry-leading legend" tolerances of MT3 keycaps
  • premium weighted keycaps to ensure durability, longevity, and desirable acoustics
  • the finished product should be free from exterior blemishes and imperfections
  • meticulous design applied to every single keycap
  • accommodate proprietary blends of high-quality resins
  • be able to produce the keycaps efficiently at scale
  • offer Mac system compatibility

We’re now weeks away from shipping our first production keycaps and we’re so excited to tell you all about them. Say hello to Drop MT2.

Well, browsing through the first reactions, potential buyers seem to be much less excited, pointing out the lack of images and info on similarity to Cherry, the confusing and controversial name (MT2 vs MT3), etc.

Calling the profile MT2 caused real drama. Let me not go into details. Instead, here is a whole thread on keebtalk.

Published on Fri 8th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #73 (source).

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