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MTNU keycap profile

Matt3o announced that his WIP MTNU keycap profile will be manufactured by GMK.
Published May 30, 2022

New week, new keycap profile announcement. This time a medium height cylindrical sculpted one "somewhere in between MT3 and DSA" – designed by Matt3o and manufactured by GMK.

By now the news is out but it’s time to make it official. [...] I’m happy to announce that I not only found a manufacturer but also the perfect partner with years of experience in the keycap industry. The moment I reached out GMK they showed great interest in my new profile and I feel incredibly honored that they are willing to take this project under their wing – Matt3o.

After 5 years from MT3 Matt3o is working on a new keycap profile: MTNU (pronounced emty-new) is the code name of a profile with spherical top and sculpted but medium height. "In many ways it’s an evolution of the MT3 design but they are different enough to coexist".

First of all it will be medium height. Somewhere in between MT3 and DSA. Think of it as the spherical top counterpart of a cherry profile, even though R3 will be probably a tad taller.

The project was initially announced in April, and the first set is expected to come out in Q1 2023.

Published on Mon 30th May 2022. Featured in KBD #80 (source).

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