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MY75 is an open-source hot-swappable 75% keyboard in a milled aluminum case. Shared by Skribbles4420.
Published April 6, 2023
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Scribbles4420 aka Skycode22 shared the files of his My75, a hotswap 75% keyboard in a hefty milled case.

This is a project I started a couple months ago to create a regular standard keyboard and then design and create a case for it. I’m very happy with how the aluminum case came out – Skribbles4420.


  • 75% layout
  • MX, hotswap
  • Elite-C controller
  • QMK


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Published on Thu 6th Apr 2023. Featured in KBD #119 (source).



A 75% hotswap PCB through-hole style that utilises two EC-11 rotary encoders and an Elite-C daughterboard – by flehrad.

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This is a review of Akko's gorgeous MOD 007 V3 HE Year of the Dragon board, a "limited series" Hall-effect work of art.


STHLM kb announced Större, an easy-to-build 75% keyboard kit with exposed diode cluster and using only through-hole components.

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The IROK ND75, sold by MechKeys, is a genuine little gaming board with compact layout, nice magnetic switches, and plenty of RGB.

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The 00Key is a 75% keyboard and lockdown project by debeb with exposed through-hole components and open source PCB.