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Alex Miller's MacroMacro is a large open-source gaming macropad that runs on Vial.
Published September 13, 2023
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Alex Miller (aka doesntfazer) of Keyboard Dweebs just finished another project: the Macro Macro. (Macro as in big, then Macro as in a set of instructions.)

This was designed because I love video games, and I love sub-40% keyboards. Those 2 hobbies don't mix well. I've been using the Dweebs Macro Mini for a little over a year but found it's pretty lacking in the buttons department. I needed something that I could add more macros to, and have more thumb cluster buttons – Alex.

After a teaser posted last week, all the source files of this project are available on github.


  • 51 keys, MX
  • hotswap
  • Waveshare RP2040 controller
  • display

Obviously, since the keyboarddweebs shop is closed, Alex quit selling keyboards, this will not be for sale. But anyone who would like to sell a MacroMacro, or make them for themselves are welcome to, since it's under the GPL.


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Published on Wed 13th Sep 2023. Featured in KBD #202309.