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The MacroPact is a rPico/KMK macropad with IPS display by kbjunky.
Published July 4, 2021

Some time ago my friend approached me with an idea of building a macropad for his Photoshop workflow. Key feature was to have a screen where he would be able to see what shortcut/macro is currently assigned to what key.


Source files pending. UPDATE 2021/07/31: MacroPact source files and build log released.

Published on Sun 4th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #33 (source).

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Volume mixer

This volume mixer by Ananords is based on deej, an open source mixer.

Badger 2040 keypad

Andreas Känner took Pimoroni's RP2040-powered e-ink display and put it on a macropad.


Marconi16-rev1, a macropad by to1ne with open source PCB.

Inkkeys: an e-ink macropad

The inkkeys is a dynamically assignable macropad project with e-ink screen by DiConX (video, docs, git).

Banana macropad

This is a banana shaped 3D printed macropad by dapperrogue with STL files.


The IBM Lighted Program Function Keyboard (LPFK) was used as an extra input device when doing computer aided design on the IBM RS/6000 series of machines. Posted by epearl-tv.