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Macropad for osu!

Oplivion built and open-sourced a custom macropad with knobs and a slider.
Published January 2, 2022

A macropad / mediapad which supports various layouts.

Made specifically to accommodate osu! players who want more than 1u space between their keys.

The macropad features 4-8 key layouts, 2 rotary encoders, slider potentiometer and 8 addressable RGB lights.

STLs and PCB files (Eagle):

Published on Sun 2nd Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #59 (source).

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3D-printed macropad

A Pico-based macropad by dr2mod with case STLs.


FnRow v1: a single function-row

FnRow: A QMK & VIA compatible macropad with a single function-row layout by dinofizz (pics, blog & git).

Little Big Scroll

Little Big Scroll is an open-source macropad with encoder designed by Tweetydabirdie.