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Macropad with arcade buttons

This macropad by FatherPaulStone features arcade buttons in a wooden box (pics).

Published on Sat 27th Feb 2021. Featured in KBD #15 (source).

Tags: macropad


Memphis 25

The Memphis 25 is a macropad by nickkallen with integrated SpaceMouse and USB hub (GH thread).

Keypatch by Genest Technologies

The Keypatch AT is an IBM Model F addon from the '80s by Genes Technologies. Presented by LGR (video).

A 112-key macropad

The The ultimate macropad or G(igantic)FO with relgendable keycaps and MX style switches. Spotted by Technofrikus.

Spacepad Micro

The Spacepad Micro is a tiny functional macropad by SouthPawEngineer.


KMO - an input pass-through and macropad

KMO by sango_gg, a companion for your keyboard, acts as an input pass-through and macropad.



MacroPact - a rPico/KMK macropad with IPS display by kbjunky.