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DreaM117er shared his MagWave44, a Dactyl Skeleton derivative ergo split with magnetic tenting.
Published January 26, 2024
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Inspired by the DM Skeleton Edition, DreaM117er shared his MagWave44, an ergo split keyboard with keywell and optional magnetic tenting attachement.

As I have a hand with the length of the ring finger between the middle finger and the index finger, I designed my first curved split keyboard based on my hands and the original Dactyl Manuform, and used low profile switches to reduce the thickness of the keyboard, which had the fatal flaw of being very difficult to maneuver with a moving finger – Dream117er.

MagWave44 is a redesign of the failed model (Explorer RxCT), using the iPhone accessory Magsafe and a wave-like base plate.



  • 42 keys (6x3+3 per half)
  • Gateron Low profile 2.0 switches + KLP Lamé (MX stem)
  • Pro Micro/RP2040 Zero footprints (Waveshare RP2040-Matrix in the build above)
  • semi-handwired (1U-PCBs)
  • optional encoders
  • magnetic magsafe attachment

You can choose the microcontroller according to your own preferences, the main PCB supports both Pro Micro and RP2040 Zero footprints.


Other than that, the build uses single-key PCBs.

In addition, the MagWave44 has two ways to add tenting at different angles: the more traditional way is by using M5 screws in the four corners around the keyboard, and the other is by using Magsafe rings combined with the Magsafe tripod.


More photos and info in the repository/build guide.


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Published on Fri 26th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #152 (source).


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