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Magnetic layout prototyping

Going low profile: adjustable keyboard with magnets by key-yack.

This small experiment by key-yack was put together to try out low profile switches with different layouts:

  • Split keyboard using ProMicros
  • Head PCB with ProMicro is reusable for other projects
  • Up to 7x4 choc switches (hot swap) on each side, 18x17mm spacing
  • All the columns can be moved around freely, attached to a steel base using magnets
  • Using ribbon cables to connect everything

First results and takeaway:

  • Choc brown switches are surprisingly heavy
  • gChoc switches can be triggered by looking at them too hard
  • 18 mm horizontal spacing is too narrow for comfort, but low vertical spacing is nice!

The PCBs used were probably the low profile versions of these Zebras by nezumee:

Another similar modular adjustable PCB project is the P4 by saoto28:

And the SU120 by e3w2q:

Published on Sat 4th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #42 (source).


Unikey KB-7001

A Unikey KB-7001 made by PC concepts found by DarthDangles25.


Sol 3 with capacitive touchbars

Sol 3 with two capacitive touchbars, and plenty of RGB by RGBKB.