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Making the Keeb68

A great photolog by SandwichRising on making a custom PCB and wooden case.
Published December 4, 2021

Saint Gaben, the Patron Saint of PC Gamers. I made a run of 10 custom designed PCBs and cases, and they're glorious – SandwichRising.


Published on Sat 4th Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #55 (source).

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How to make a wooden wrist rest

A photolog of making a wrist rest by lawndartdesign.


u/Geri00's gTetris is a handwired project with great photolog.

Handwired keyboard for a cyberdeck project

A handwired keyboard for a cyberdeck project with photolog by brickbots.

Converting an Apple keyboard from 1984

Photolog of converting an Apple keyboard from 1984 by jsheradin


MUGGI 2 by jungmuk. A handwired split with a single controller, braided cables and photolog.

DIY 60% wooden case

DIY 60% Wooden case with photolog by Trinnsennn.