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The manifold is a handwired keyboard in a 3D printed IBM SSK-like case. Designed by _galile0.
Published January 25, 2024
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Swedish community member _galile0 shared manifold, a handwired keyboard in a cool 3D printed case, inspired by the IBM SSK.

The distinctive curvy plate is misleading, it's only a design element here, not a true bent plate like with vintage IBMs:

This is my new 3d printed thingy, I call it the manifold. It's essentially an IBM SSK-alike, but to be clear, the curve here is totally fake, the switches are not on a curved plate – _galile0.


Many thanks to _galile0, who, after posting only some photos first, shared the files publicly upon my request:

The reason why I’m heading to publish projects like this is that it’s a significant amount of work to get it to a polished state with documentation and firmware and the such, and in the end they usually get almost 0 engagement. Very few makers have the patience or equipment to print a 400 mm wide keyboard or to source parts and handwire a whole TKL.


  • TKL layout
  • handwired
  • mounting: top mount or 3d printed rubber pylons
  • Unified Daughterboard C-series
  • printed on a RatRig V-Core 3.1 400mm
  • printed in Formfutura Galaxy PLA Space Grey

The author designed the board with two different mounting alternatives: top mount with M3x6 screws or 3d printed TPU pylons. More info and illustrations in the repo.

Other than that, the handwired project uses a USB daughterboard in the form of the Unified Daughterboard C-series, which screws into the bottom case.


How long did it take to print the case?

About 20 hours total for all parts. Which I think is really good for such a big board.

What about the sound?

It’s currently kind of meh. I unfortunately did not have enough filament to print the case solid infill, so it exacerbates the hollow plasticy sound of the gat milky yellows that I didn’t really like to begin with. The TX stabs however, sound perfect.


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Published on Thu 25th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #152.


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