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Marconi16-rev1, a macropad by to1ne with open source PCB.
Published June 6, 2021

A Streamdeck-like macropad called Marconi16, because it’s inspired by vintage radios.

You can find the build log and more photos here:

A three-pice PCB design with stylish PCB art and wooden chassis.

The PCB for the Elite-C and switches is identical. Cheap way to take advantage of the minimum order of 5 at JLCPCB.

It’s the first time to1ne has made his own PCBs. Everything worked on the first try, so that’s a big achievement. There are a few flaws though:

  • the USB connector should be more on the outside, the bottom PCB makes it hard to plug in,
  • the PCBs should be wider, to give the wood more material to clamp on.

That said, you can find the PCB design files here:

Published on Sun 6th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #29 (source).

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