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The Matcha59 is a hand-wired, angled, 3D-printable Preonic alternative by rykbio.
Published May 8, 2021
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STL files:

The Matcha59 is a handwired Planck/Preonic alternative with rotary encoder in the center and a 4 degree incline. Info on wiring and firmware is included in the Github repository:

[repo is under construction, this link will be updated later]

The board in the photos is shown with Gateron Yellow switches, a Vintage Forged nickel guitar knob, and either NP Crayon or YMDK ZDA Matcha keycaps. Sound dampening foam is highly recommended by the author though it stiffens typing feel considerably. The board is handwired meaning that it does not use a PCB and thus is NOT compatible with the Preonic or Planck ofc.

Intermediate soldering skills are required.

Typing feel is bouncy toward the center of the board though it gets stiff toward the edges. Switch fit came out loose enough in this print that author rykbio has to hold them in place with a spudger while he pulls the caps so as not to damage the wiring.

Microcontroller reset button location varies by model, in this case a hole was drilled where it would fit the unit used by rykbio.

Designing a hole for the MCU is highly recommended (you can do this in your browser on or drilling it in manually is an option too.

Modelling & Design

The board was designed in Autodesk Inventor, and the parametric files will be released in the linked Github repository in case anyone would like to make changes.

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Published on Sat 8th May 2021. Featured in KBD #25 (source).


Horizon - an open-source ortho

Horizon by skarrmann, this low profile PCB-encased keyboard, comes with all the necessary source files.


This TypeMatrix may be the first keyboard using the term "ortholinear". (Not the first ortho one ofc.)

Lumberjack: a 60% ortho

Lumberjack is an open source 60% ortho PCB by peejeh.


Skribbles4420 shared the files of his OpenOT, a 5x11 ortholinear keyboard with an integrated trackball.

CYOA Ortho

The Choose Your Own Adventure Ortho (or CYOA) is a Pro Micro compatible ortholinear PCB by STHLM kb – with lots of snap-off parts.

Wireless ortho travel board

The 0x32 "Brussels Waffle" is a wireless, ortho, low-profile travel keyboard by RadioactiveHop (waiting for repo).