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Matías v1.0

An open-source ortholinear keyboard: Matías v1.0 by u/nstrappazzonc.
Published July 31, 2022

Matías v1.0 is a low-profile open-source ortholinear keyboard by Nicola Strappazzon C. aka nstrappazzonc.

The keyboard has the name of the author's son who was amazed by the colors and the sound of the keys – so no relation to Alps clones.

This is another mechanical keyboard, very low profile with RGB light and compatible with qmk framework. The others seem very tall and uncomfortable to me, and I wondered why there isn't a low profile one? And I asked myself again, what if I make one? – nstrappazzonc.

I can't think of too many low-pro orthos either but there's e.g. the Kebu, Horizon, 0x32 Brussels Waffle and of course the even lower profile Synx42 for those who are interested in this niche.

Or just browse through all the ortho boards featured on


Published on Sun 31st Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #89 (source).

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Wireless ortho travel board

The 0x32 "Brussels Waffle" is a wireless, ortho, low-profile travel keyboard by RadioactiveHop (waiting for repo).


Pi5 is a monoblock angled ortho keyboard open sourced by ihihbs.


Christian Lo's banime40 is a versatile ortho PCB with 24 possible layouts.


ILWrites' gigantic ortholinear FU!Keyboard is now open-source.


The SatPad (formerly: Cupcake) is an open-source 30% ortholinear keyboard/macropad designed by u/quirk.

Wooden Alps keyboard

A wooden keyboard by u/the5andmany with Alps switches and hand-filed switch plate.