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Mcorne c5

Release of the wireless magnetic Corne case by weissbieremulsion: Mcorne c5.
Published November 16, 2022
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After teasing his magnetic case system, Runningtarrens aka weissbieremulsion published the files of the Mcorne-c5.

A few days ago I showed a short video of my case for the Corne keyboard. Lots of people asked me for the .stl files to print it. I said I will provide them, so here we are. All the necessary files are on there. Also a complete guide to print the case and all the needed parts for it are on there, too – weissbieremulsion.

This particular case is part of the magnetic case family consisting of five different models at the moment (two of them published thus far).

Its easy to lose track of all the different versions, so the author has set up an overview with a quick summary of the features of the different cases.


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Published on Wed 16th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #103 (source).


Wrist rest with storage compartment

u/RoadToSurfdom made a custom wooden case with a wrist rest and storage compartment.


The manifold is a handwired keyboard in a 3D printed IBM SSK-like case. Designed by _galile0.

Chonkpad - A 3D printed MurphPad case

The Chonkpad is an open-source 3D printed MurphPad case by Customniches.


This nice ortho keyboard is called keezyboost40, and designer u/sporewoh just published the PCB.

Keyboard case resin duplication

A guide on how to duplicate your keyboard case with silicone and resin. Photolog by bmallCakeDiver.

Keyseebee with fat plate

The Keyseebee by TeXitoi has a new fat switch plate, sitting on the PCB.