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Daihuku reports on the meishi2 exhibition hosted by Yushakobo, where 20 business card-sized keyboards were on display.
Published September 27, 2022

Daihuku, who regularly reviews keyboards made by members of the Japanese community and also documents various events in the area, visited Yusha Kobo to report on the meishi2 exhibition.

Meishi means basically business card in Japanese, and Meishi2, as already mentioned in last week's waitier post, is an exhibition of business card-sized keyboards.

Despite the relatively short time available for preparing for the event, there were about 20 tiny keyboards on display.

Check out Daihuku's video on Youtube:

Just to highlight a handful of the many interesting designs:


Obviously, the single-button waitier stands out as a true piece of art. More about this 14-layer design in this post from last week.


This one is called Sassa95.


As a homage to the weekly show by Pekaso and Biacco, @wakurysan made a meishi mimicking the Keyboard News logo.


Dogtag by takashicompany – a business card-sized split keyboard?


Two boards with Seeed XIAO controllers (nRF52840 and RP2040) – and Flexipin socketing.


Testamatta by hide-key (creator of these caps) – with a 9u keycap... :D


Another kbdnews reference: Pekaso's entry is a badge with Pekaso-chan as PCB art.


A meishi with grin layout? :D By SATO, Fennel, Limit Technology Keys.


These trackballs became aki27's hallmark – as seen on his Cocot46plus. But a standalone trackball module as a business card? :D


Daily Craft Keyboard's micro choc design crammed 16 keys (plus an encoder) into the limited space. Switches cut to size, custom 3D printed keycaps – the result: 12 mm vertical pitch.

Check out Daihuku's video for all the other great projects!

Published on Tue 27th Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #97.

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