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MiRage MK2

Zack Freedman talks about his MiRage Mk2, an ortho split with eInk display.
Published July 25, 2022

Since publishing his original MiRage, Zack Freedman has been working on the next iteration and now posted a video talking about the features and design considerations of the MiRage Mk2.

There are some interesting ideas like (temporarily) connecting the halves with a SATA cable (not the best idea it turns out) or the MX/Choc hotswap support with per-key LEDs at the same time.

He got rid of the clickable OLED displays and replaced that part with a huge clickable e-paper touchscreen.

As much as it hurts me to make this decision, the clickable OLEDs just completely suck – Zack Freedman.

It turned out that by pressing the corners of these displays over and over again they eventually break.

And because of the e-ink display library he used Arduino (instead of CircuitPython) this time – run by a XIAO RP2040 (keyboard contest anyone?).

Watch the video with much more info here:

Published on Mon 25th Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #88 (source).

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