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Mike Sickler interview

Farmer turned NovelKeys CEO Mike Sickler interviewed by Taeha.

Mike was the first ever sponsor of Taeha Types (even before Taeha Types went by Taeha Types), back before the channel even had a thousand subscribers. I'm incredibly proud to see how he has grown NovelKeys into what it is today, hopefully you all enjoy this interview I made of him – Teaha.

Published on Sat 13th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #52 (source).


Iammeuru's interview

Iammeuru's interview in a new episode of The Thocc podcast. By Vogsphere.


Deskthority for sale

10 years after starting the project, webwit decided to put Deskthority up for sale (source and details).


The Thock #12 with Erin

Host Vogsphere talks to Erin / FistfulOfPaintballs – enthusiast, moderator and one of the ladies in our community (listen).

On hand-engraving with Thịnh Trần

Thịnh Trần, the self-taught artist behind the hand-engraved Adelais answering some questions.


Mechanical Keyboards For Dummies

The Mechanical Keyboards For Dummies is a cool cartoon by TylerToonsFanAcc. In case you need to initiate someone into mechanical keyboards (r/mk).