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Mikoto controller

Mikoto is an open-source Bluetooth LE nRF52840 microcontroller in a Pro Micro footprint. Designed by zhiayang.
Published September 18, 2021
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Mikoto (or みこと with nice Hiragana characters) was inspired by the nRFMicro and nice!nano.

Github repo:

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Published on Sat 18th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #44 (source).


Shiba cafe

A cute typing game for anyone who needs another excuse to use a custom keyboard. Posted by hey_its_me_ur.

Open source force curve meter

Open source force curve meter for MX-style switches by GreenPylons (repo, curves).

Stabilizer tester

Stabilizer tester posted by RatratanX.

Cybertype is a clean and simple typing app by Manan Tank.

IBM keyboard part number finder

Need help finding an IBM keyboard part number? Look no further! This tool by SharktasticA takes care of that.

2nd gen Kailh hot-swap sockets

The new(?), 2nd generation hot-swap socket from Kailh comes in funky colors and is rated for 6000 swap cycles.