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Miryoku ZMK

Miryoku, Manna Harbour's popular keyboard layout, is now available for ZMK.
Published June 13, 2022

Miryoku is an "ergonomic, minimal, orthogonal, and universal keyboard layout".

And Miryoku ZMK is simply the Miryoku implementation for petejohanson's ZMK, the wireless-first keyboard firmware.

Well, of course you could create a keymap identical or similar to the Miryoku concept in any firmware, but this new integration into ZMK means the layout is supported and maintained for "all ergo keyboards in ZMK main and most others".

You can have a personalised build running on your keyboard in a few minutes without installing any software or editing any files, and with no knowledge of ZMK or git – manna_harbour.

More info:

Quickstart guide:

Published on Mon 13th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #82 (source).

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