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Mission control PCB

A replacement PCB for the Model M122: M122ION CONTROL by dj_edit.
Published April 27, 2024
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So apparently, Ming-Gih Lam aka dcpedit/dj_edit is on a roll. After the Mod Mmm, a PCB for the IBM Model M, he shared another replacement PCB. The Mission Control PCB was designed to replace all internal components of an IBM Model M122. Only the curved steel backplate is needed for the PCB to be mounted on.

I'm back again with another Model M mod! Similar to my previous Mod Mmm PCB, the Mission Control PCB replaces the internals of the Model M122, the king of battleship keyboards! – dj_edit.

Yep, you heard it right. IBM's buckling spring monster introduced in 1985 is now compatible with your favorite MX switches and keycap sets.

Pic: MX-compatible IBM M122

MX-compatible IBM M122

This project is even more grandiose than you might think: beside making the M122 MX compatible, the author added features like a buzzer, solenoid, display, split spacebar option, Bluetooth support, etc.

Pic: Solenoid & buzzer

Solenoid & buzzer


  • Hotswap sockets for MX switches
  • Multiple layout support, including ISO, split spacebar, and 4x5 macropad for numpad. KLE link
  • PCB mount stabilizers
  • Under-switch LED for caps lock and num lock
  • Piezo buzzer
  • Solenoid
  • LCD display
  • USB-C support
  • Bluetooth support (via PillBug)
  • QMK/VIA firmware
  • ZMK firmware (for BT PillBug)



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Published on Sat 27th Apr 2024. Featured in KBD #163 (source).


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