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Model H

Model H is a USB controller for IBM Model M – by John Hawthorn.
Published September 30, 2022
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This is conversion kit designed by John Hawthorn that allows you to replace your IBM Model M's original internal controller board with a modern USB board.

The project is not new, the PCB source files were published more than two years ago, but fellow redditor NNUfergs has just ordered one of these, and his post raised my attention.

The Model H PCB aims to match the footprint of the original controller and plugs into the original keyboard matrix, but exposes a USB port through the original SDL connector.

It runs QMK which makes the keyboard fully programmable.


  • Non-destructive upgrade - just swap the boards
  • Native USB (with type B connector), no adapter required
  • Doesn't require original controller
  • STM32 ARM Processor @ 72MHz with 64kb flash
  • Remappable keys (using QMK configurator)
  • Uses open source QMK firmare
  • Open source hardware
  • Reprogrammable through USB or ARM SWD
  • Lower power (50 mA typical)
  • Genuine "TE Connectivity Trio-mate" connectors, as used on the original Model M


And KEEBD sells these fully assembled. (Use the KBDNEWS discount code!)

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Published on Fri 30th Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #97 (source).


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