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Modified Rosaline

Rpiguy9907 crammed a numpad into Paul James' Rosaline - originally a through-hole 40% in a 60% case.
Published September 2, 2022
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This is a custom PCB by rpiguy9907, based on the open-source Rosaline by Paul James aka peej.

As far as I can tell, rpiguy crammed an extra column into Paul's Rosaline, updating it for 40% mods and making enough room for a numpad on the left.

Well, based strictly on the number of keys, we are almost back to 60% but with a 40%-ish aesthetics.

The PCB files of this particular build are pending, but the original design is available at:

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Published on Fri 2nd Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #93 (source).



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