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Sporewoh's modkipz40 is a monoblock split pocket keyboard using mouse switches.
Published January 4, 2024
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This is Christian Lo's (aka sporewoh) second pocket keyboard using mouse switches, and the successor to the bunchiez40. The key difference is that it has an angle between the halves.

Hey everyone! I wanted to show my latest pocket keyboard, the modkipz40. My last project, the bunchiez40 was viable for daily use, though I found it small size strained my wrists considerably. The solution was therefore to make the board ergonomic :> – sporewoh.


  • 40-key unibody split (5x4)
  • mouse switches!
  • 24 degree angle
  • STM32F072 MCU

This is the author's first board that uses ergogen and breaks away from his typical ortholinear grid designs. You can read more about the design process of making this board in this blog post.



The board design and production files are open-source, and can be used to manufacture a board for yourself:

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Published on Thu 4th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #149.