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Monkeytype with a monkey typing

A critical addition to Monkeytype I wasn't aware of: an actual monkey smacking the keys. Posted by halogen09.

The monkey is smacking the keys along with you. To turn on this feature:

Visit the monkeytype typing app at:

And hit Esc (to bring up the console) and type or choose "toggle monkey".

Also, the monkey starts to shake and it's eyes turn red/green when you type really fast (above 100 WPM).

It seems you really need to type above 100 WPM (not RAW) after going to settings and pressing toggle monkey. You can't cheat by smacking random keys in normal modes or even setting up a "custom" text like "aaaaa...".

However, if you can't type that quick yet, you can choose zen mode where you can type a free text (whatever you like) which is pretty much smacking the keys – at least it works as of writing this.

Featured in KBD #24 (source).


3D printed MCU adapter

A 3D printed MCU adapter with STL files for Dactyl-like cases by Fmcraft.

Switch PCB footprints

These switch PCB footprints by Tweetydabirdie are not new but came up in this week's comments.