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A 10-key ergo keyboard or an adjustable controller for gamers? The MoveMaster is an input device with a distinctive appearance.
Published December 16, 2022
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Designed by a small team consisting of inventor Tom Bredinin and engineer Johann A. Meindorfer, the flagship MoveMaster model of the German company was developed with gaming in mind, and to replace the classic keyboard:

For a long time I've been pursuing the idea of how to replace the keyboard, which is still a writing instrument, in games or applications with a better, more user-friendly and more effective input device. We have now succeeded in doing this with the revolutionary MoveMaster – Tom.

Readers of the Advent Calendar may spot the resemblance between the MoveMaster and the Squeezebox by Pete Lyons, at least on the level of the home corner concept, but also the adjustability via screws.

Pic: MoveMaster base unit

MoveMaster base unit

While the MoveMaster base unit has only 10 keys, the "palm rest" part acts as a joystick. Other than that, it can be extended with another module to feature more (18) keys.

Pic: MoveMaster with the extension module

MoveMaster with the extension module

Product page:

A review by NicGaming aka I_am_Nic whose reddit post brought this device to my attention – the video is in German:

[…] it is a "hybrid-joystick" according to the inventor. You control movement via the grip and then have the fingers free for other button presses, where on a keyboard you have always two or three fingers engaged for movement, leaving only two or three for secondary action. Also you can hit two buttons per finger easily without mis-pressing (as opposed to a keyboard) – which for me at least (owning one since a few years) gives a tactical advantage in most games – Nic.
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Published on Fri 16th Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #107 (source).


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