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Magnetic case and tenting for the Sweep keyboard: Msweep by Runningtarrens.
Published November 19, 2023
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Runningtarrens aka weissbieremulsion shared a magnetic case and tenting/travel system called Msweep.

Thats my Aurora Sweep build, that I made for work. It's super nice to have both halves and the tenting legs all together in a small package. Assembly of this build is completely done without any screws. Even the Keyboard case uses magnets – weissbieremulsion.

Parts of the built are an Aurora Sweep, a custom case, and a travel case.


I designed the case myself, because I hate taking apart my builds with tools. When youre on the go and don't have tools with you, you're out of luck. So I started using magnets.

Check out the original reddit post for a demo video and the repo for files and a detailed guide.


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Published on Sun 19th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #144 (source).



u/Lovekb built Victor Lucachi's VOID Ergo S, a handwired split with open-source case files.

Crkbd magnetic case

This is a 3D printed magnetic case by taksi_kavausuki for Crkbd choc keyboards – with STL file.

Ergo S-1

The Ergo S-1 by u/Wizarddata is a wireless concave split keyboard with integrated wrist rest and free case files.


RadliƄski Ignacy designed a Dactyl-like ergo split in Fusion360 – the Basilisk.

Custom Iris case

A custom open-source Iris case by COrthbandt with light diffuser layer.

Lilium - a Lily58 case

Lilium is a Lily58 case family by u/DCharlo.