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Dane Lipscombe shared his Mushi, another cute 36-key split keyboard.
Published September 13, 2023
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After his Chouchou, designed to be used with the Taipo chording system, Mushi is a small 36-key ergo true split by Dane Lipscombe (aka dlip/fata1err0r81).

Mushi (Japanese for bug) is low-profile, hotswap, and sports cheap RP2040-Zero controllers.


  • 36 keys
  • low profile
  • hotswap or soldered
  • diodeless design
  • RP2040-Zero MCU
  • low-profile printed case
  • inner thumb splay to make it easier to reach
  • created with Ergogen and KiCad


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Published on Wed 13th Sep 2023. Featured in KBD #202309 (source).


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