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Musubi is nightzombie1's attempt at making a keyboard with Kailh X switches.
Published January 19, 2023

Musubi is a 38-key split keyboard using Kailh X switches and Seeeduino Xiao controllers – designed and shared by Wontae Yang aka nightzombie1.

Inspired by the Dust, the design has been adjusted with elements from the author's other favorite keyboards, e.g. the TOTEM and Dilemma.

I wanted to try making a split keyboard of my own during 2022 holidays and just finished it with some trial and error. I referenced couple open source keyboards that I bought/built recently (dust, TOTEM, Dilemma) and combined elements that I like. The result is this keyboard with lots of help from Fingerpunch discord! – nightzombie1.


  • 38 keys
  • Column stagger with splay
  • 3x5 layout with 4 additional keys (three thumb, 1 pinky)
  • Seeeduino Xiao controller footprint
  • Reversible PCB
  • Slim build: 9.7 mm with and 6.7 mm without case (measured from keycap to bottom)
  • Tenting puck support


All the project files are available on Github.

Published on Thu 19th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #112 (source).

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