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A tiny Choc-spaced macropad with encoder – Narfpad by ADreamOfStorms.
Published March 13, 2023

Fellow redditor Sebastian Stumpf aka ADreamOfStorms shared a small macropad with encoder and 3D-printed case: Narfpad.

So I've made a small macropad. I'm still new to PCB and 3d design and there is probably a lot that can be improved. […] The case took me quite a while to get right since I have never done anything with 3d modelling before and I took the deep dive FreeCAD – ADreamOfStorms.


  • 3x3 low-pro switches with Choc spacing and hotswap sockets
  • Rotary encoder
  • Controller: Seeeduino XIAO footprint (RP2040), mounted on sockets
  • QMK
  • 3D-printed case


Published on Mon 13th Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #116 (source).

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