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Nemm keyboard

Nemm is a wireless split keyboard designed by u/kien242tran.
Published September 2, 2022
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Fellow redditor kien242tran posted his nemm, a wireless split keyboard with an OLED display and the classic row-staggering.

it is nemm, a wireless split keyboard designed by me – kien242tran.

The GitHub repo is quite chaotic, but you can find the files for both the case and PCB:

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Published on Fri 2nd Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #93 (source).


Pinkytyl V2.1

A new revision of the Pinkytyl by ripxorip, this time with Chocs.

Pinkytyl with improved thumb positioning

A custom pinkytyl by ripxorip with improved thumb positioning.

NINE keyboard

NINE by But She's a Girl is an updated Piano – with PCB and case files shared.

Keyboard staggered two ways

Columnar keyboard staggered two ways by ak66666 (STL).


Giraffasax made an unsplit and splayed Lily58: the SpUnLy58. The files are available on github.


The wireless gurt-portable is u/Gurtmail's first keyboard design.