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New version of the Lil Chonky Bois

New version of the Lil Chonky Bois by Sndr666. MX version added.

This is the next iteration of the original lil Chonkster, with eased tenting and a little less curvature of the keywell.

  • Less curvature, resulting in less tenting.
  • MX and Alps versions, MX version is still waiting on 1.75U thumbkeys, which were harder to order than anticipated.
  • Punk rock hotswap sockets using rivets.
  • TRRS connector moved to the thumb cluster.

[...] after using the previous incarnation for a couple of months I decided to ease the tenting and I found I needed a little less curvature of the keywell – Sndr666.

Updated git repo:

Published on Sat 5th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #29 (source).


The btrfly

The btrfly by SolidusHal is a Dactyl Manuform fork with joint halves and without the keywells (git, pics).

Wireless solar board

A wireless keyboard that never has to be plugged in.]] Committed by SouthPawEngineer.



Peregrine by SouthPawEngineer, a wireless ergonomic board with a built in trackpad module that can be removed and used separately.


Manibus: a split aluminum keyboard

The Manibus is a split ergo aluminum keyboard by DrFish96 featuring magnetic wrist rests.


Mint chocolate artisan keyboard

I'm used to artisans, but these mint & strawberry chocolate themed Lime40s are the first artisan keyboards I've ever seen (designed by eukalin_, posted by hiddenbox4).