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Files of the Nijuni, a wireless-focused Corne-like split with more aggressive stagger, were released by Alexander Krikun.
Published January 9, 2022

While some content about the RT-22/Nijuni already emerged in October last year, the files were only released this week:

Hey, everyone. I've just released the Nijuni - a 44-key split keyboard with the Jian's stagger and the Corne's thumb cluster with a wireless focus – krikun98.


  • Wireless focus - battery footprint, power switches and no LEDs
  • Uses Jorne/Corne firmware - so QMK and ZMK support
  • MX or Alps soldered or MX hotswap support in a single reversible PCB
  • 6 column version also available for 100x150 PCB promos or Corne lovers

Github repository:

The Nijuni (formerly known as the RT-22) is a 44-key split keyboard inspired by the Jian (stagger, pinky and controller footprint) and the Jorne (thumb cluster and wiring). The name refers to the number of keys (22 per half)) and the Japanese name of the number 22 (ni-juu-ni).

It was originally conceived by DwarZ, however, V0.1 had a screw placement issue that restricted it to Kailh BOX-style switches. V0.2 is trouble-free, and prototypes have already been tested – krikun98.

Published on Sun 9th Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #60 (source).

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