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No Faff macropad

No Faff is an open-hardware 24-key macropad with cool backplate art – designed by Kfir.
Published July 16, 2022
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The No Faff is an open-hardware macropad designed by Kfir aka kbex.

It's a custom made kit with 24 keys, supporting Kalih Choc low profile switches. Running QMK it's fully customizable, with a distinctive gold plated art on the back.


[q]The process for making the art on the plate was drawing it in Inkscape and using a script to export the SVG into a footprint in KiCad. That way it can be a copper layer and you can scale it to any size and get really nice lines – Kfir.[/q]


  • Kailh Choc low profile compatible
  • Type-C USB connector
  • Running QMK
  • Vial-gui supported
  • FR4 front mounting plate and FR4 back plate with gold plated art
  • Macro recording and keycode chaining supported
  • supports up to 8 accessible layers of keymaps.
  • 24 LEDs, per-key LED color mapping supported for all 8 layers.
  • Physical dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 11mm



If you would rather buy it, the product page (pre-order/group buy) is available at

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Published on Sat 16th Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #87 (source).



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