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Norne is a 3D printed Ploopy Nano + Corne case mash-up by Diitsuku.
Published September 29, 2022
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This is a mash-up of a Ploopy Nano BTU mod and a good old Corne/CRKBD.

At the center is the Nano and then off to either side are the Corne halves. This setup basically removes the split characteristic of the Corne as they are attached to the base of the Ploopy Nano.

BTU here stands for "ball transfer unit", an omnidirectional bearing, as opposed to the default single-direction roller bearings of the Ploopy Trackball.


In addition, the attachment uses a Hirth joint which allows the angle of the keyboard halves in relation to the trackball to be set. That angle is then held in place by the threaded nut.

The arms on the Hirth joint rings are separate parts so that it prints cleaner/easier as well as to allow for modification of tenting angle and the height in relation to the trackball.

The height of the halves to the trackball seems good but I am not convinced that the tenting angle shouldn't be steeper. Next step may be a revamp on the Nano base to see if an alterable tenting height solution can be added – Diitsuku.

The standoff piece is to be printed 10 times and is what holds the PCB to the case.

(The path of the framing in the skeleton case needs to be revised as it currently obstructs 2 of the 6 LEDs.)


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Published on Thu 29th Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #97 (source).


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