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Novelkeys Cream Tactiles

ThereminGoat reviews the Novelkeys Cream Tactile switches.
Published November 1, 2021

"The Novelkeys x Kailh family tree grows ever further yet again."

Coming in an all-grey colorway, the new Cream Tactile switches are about as unadorned and simplistic as you can get. […] To say the least, the push feel of these switches is rather interesting […] While people are quite ready to jump to the ‘oh they’re POM on POM on POM and so they are just that way’, I’ve pointed out in my Novelkeys Launch Cream scorecard that there is something about this new wave of Cream switches that has a lighter, and much more sandpaper-esque scratch to them. […] In their stock form, the sound of the Cream Tactiles is honestly one of the biggest disappointing features of the entire switch. […] The wobble on these switches is both fairly par for course for both Kailh and the Novelkeys Cream line of switches […]After having sat down and thoroughly tried these switches out, I can say that I’m honestly left with a pretty big bag of mixed feelings about these switches. For true replacements of the Novelkeys Blueberry switch line, I am rather disappointed with the glaring flaws in their stock performance with the issues like scratch, spring ping, and leaf ping in some switches – ThereminGoat.

Full article:

Published on Mon 1st Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #50 (source).

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